• Beth Tharp

Fresh Christmas Hams: Preorder Now!

Updated: Nov 19

Our fresh hams were a hit last year! Preorder your fresh, never frozen smoked ham for Christmas! These will be available starting December 18 for on farm pickup only.

Simply select the 'Fresh December Bone-in' or 'Fresh December Boneless' option when shopping Smoked Ham in our online store and add to your shopping cart. If you already know the day and 2 hour time frame you would like to pick up your ham let us know, otherwise we will contact you as time approaches.

Available in bone-in( 8-10 pounds) or boneless (6-7 pounds). These classic hams are smoked and cured with sugar and salt. Add your favorite glaze and bake 1 1/2 hours at 350 until internal temperature of 145. Great for holidays and large gatherings.

Please note frozen hams can be purchased and obtained anytime.

Check out our Glazed Smoked Boneless Ham Recipe here Glazed Smoked Boneless Ham (ltfarmmeats.com) .

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