• Beth Tharp

Like a Good Deal?

Greetings from the farm!

We are now offering select pork, lamb and chicken products at up to 50% off. Some of our products have a distinct seasonal demand, and as we come out of the cooler months there are a few items that we would like to move to make way for our summer season. Happy Shopping!

Seasonal Clearance Items


Pork Cutlet 20% Off

Smoked Ham 20% Off

Ham Steak 25% Off

Bacon Ends 50% Off

Smoked Ham Hocks 50% Off

Sausage Breakfast Links 20% Off


Ground Lamb 20% Off

Lamb Shoulder Roast (1/2 Roast) 10% Off

Leg of Lamb 20% Off

Lamb Neck Bones 30% Off

Whole Chicken 25% Off

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