• Beth Tharp

Premium Ribs for Father’s Day

Greetings from the farm!

Next Sunday is Father’s Day and what better time to celebrate with our LT Farm Meats Premium Pork Ribs. We have worked with our processor over the last year to refine our rib cuts and now have ~3# racks of St. Louis Style Spare ribs and our Extra Meaty Baby Back Ribs.

St. Louis style spare ribs are cut at the bottom part of the rib cage closer to the belly, while baby back ribs are cut higher towards the back. St. Louis Style ribs are longer and tend to be meatier and more flavorful. Baby back ribs are slightly shorter, but extremely tender.

Ribs are a favorite entertaining dinner of ours this time of year. We recommend covering the ribs with your favorite BBQ sauce or dry rub and grill or smoke at a low temperature. We like to slather our ribs with mustard, and cover with a paprika based dry rub and cook low and slow in our smoker for a delicious dinner! Many articles and tutorials can be found online explaining how to cook delicious, tender ribs.

Place your order online for convenient 24/7 on farm pickup. Enjoy!


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