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  • Beth Tharp

Easy-Peasy Pulled Pork

Quick? Easy? Nutritious and filling? Cooks while I'm not in the kitchen?

If you're anything like me; this sounds extremely appealing! Maybe you are looking for a festive Cinco de Mayo dinner idea or a nutritious dinner for your family? Look no further than our family farm's pork shoulder roasts to make easy pulled pork. Simply thaw, trim any excess fat, cook low and slow in the crock pot or speed it up in the instapot, add your favorite spices and you will have savory, tender pulled pork ready for your family dinner. Or if you are gifted like my farmer husband, you may slow cook in the smoker for a superb pulled pork.

We now have pork shoulder roasts available in 8-10 pound roasts ($23.90, ~$2.39/lb) and 2-3 pound roasts ($7.25, ~2.39/lb). For 5% pork shoulder roasts use discount code PULLEDPORK5 at checkout.

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