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LT Farm Meats

From our Family's Farm to Your Family's Table

-   ABOUT US  -


Meet the Tharp's

Greetings from the farm!


We are Nick and Beth Tharp of Coatesville, Indiana. As a team we share a passion for farming. Raising food for our family and community gives us great satisfaction. We take very seriously our responsibility to act as stewards over our God given natural resources such as our animals, land and water.


We have been blessed by the opportunity to follow our passion by raising livestock and crops in Putnam County Indiana. Our family farm is three generations deep, as we work daily together to manage our farm with Beth's parents and our three young daughters.


We are excited to offer beef, pork, and lamb from animals grown under our care and management direct to your family under the LT Farm Meats label. We are committed to producing a safe, nutritious, affordable product while providing a high level of care for our animals and land. We have partnered with Rice's Quality Meats of Spencer, IN to process our animals and provide you with state inspected meat products.

Our Core Values

In all of our production and business practices we adhere closely to our core values that drive the decision we make for our business.

  • Integrity-Doing what’s right when no one is looking.

  • Relationships-We value and invest in relationships with God, family, employees, community and consumers.

  • Continuous Improvement-In all things we strive to do better everyday.

  • Stewardship-God has given us people, land, water, animals and a greater community to look after-we take this very seriously.


Our Team

Farmers-Mark & Phyllis Legan, Nick, Beth, Kate, Hannah & Grace Tharp - With our team of top notch employees we care for our animals, crops and land everyday.

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