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Frequently Asked Questions


  • When will my order ship?

Meat is shipped near biweekly, as posted on the website. Shipments will be made Monday or Tuesday to ensure they do not get stuck in transit over the weekend and thaw.


  • Will the meat stay frozen?


All meat is packaged with dry ice in an insulated box and should arrive frozen.


  • Can I pick up my order?


To save on delivery costs you can pickup your order from the White Farm House at our Fillmore farm. After we have fulfilled your order, we will send you a pickup ready email, and place it in the porch freezer for pickup at your convenience.

  • Where do you ship meat?


We ship frozen meat to any state in the United States except Alaska and Hawaii. We do not ship meat internationally.

  • What is your return policy?


We have a no returns and no refunds policy since most of our products are perishable and can not easily be shipped back and forth, and we can not accept frozen products back for resale.


  • Is your beef grass fed?

Our cattle always have access to grass or hay (in the winter). The final months before harvest their grass diet is supplemented with grains to give the meat flavor and marbeling. Our lamb is raised in the same manner. Our hogs are given grain at all times, as they require simple carbohydrates and additional proteins from the grains to grow. Many of these grains are grown on our farm!

  • Is your meat organic?

Our meat is not certified organic.

  • Why does your meat taste so good?

We work hard to raise quality animals, most of which are born on our farm. This starts with good genetics such as selection for marbling and finish and concludes with high quality feed ingredients and a high level of animal care to ensure their wellbeing.

  • Is your meat antibiotic, steroid and hormone free?

Our animals are only given antibiotics under veterinary directive to ensure their well being. Our animals are never given steroids or hormones.

  • What goes into the grain you feed your animals?

The grain we feed our animals is a mixture of corn, soybean, vitamins and minerals. Much of it is grown on our own farm, with our conservation practices! It is not certified organic or non-GMO.

  • Why do you raise your pigs indoors?

Our farm raised pigs are cared for with priority for stewardship of our pigs, land and water. For decades we have raised and cared for pigs, and they in turn have provided for our family. Decades ago, we raised pigs outdoors and saw the severe impact this had on the land and water through erosion, and to the animals when exposed to extreme weather. We now raise our pigs in climate-controlled barns, where they have access to other pigs, and always access to water and feed formulated for their exact stage of life and nutritional needs.

Do you have any additional questions? We would be happy to answer them here.

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