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We know you have a lot of meat purchasing options, but sometimes is nice to know precisely where your meat comes from.


We have the best of both pork burgers and bacon right here! What better way to celebrate and enjoy your family and friends than by serving locally grown, fresh bacon burgers straight off the grill?


Four 1/3 lb pork burgers with bacon pieces added. Great for summer time on the grill.


Our farm raised pigs are cared for with priority for stewardship of our pigs, land and water. For decades we have raised and cared for pigs, and they in turn have provided for our family. Our pigs are fed a high quality diet that we make on the farm consisting of corn, soybean meal and vitamins and minerals to meet their specific dietary needs. They are not fed hormones or steroids.

Bacon Pork Burger

PriceFrom $6.90
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