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  • Beth Tharp

🎄 Christmas on the Farm

Greetings from the farm. We hope you are filled with hope and joy during this Christmas season!

A couple of weeks ago we upheld our long standing tradition of cutting our Christmas tree off of our farm. Each year we spend the summer and fall hiking and horseback on our farm looking for the perfect cedar tree.

This year not only was the selection of our tree a planned pursuit, but the method of retrieval may have been just as big of a hit. In years past we typically throw the tree in the back of a pickup truck to bring it home, or have even drug it behind a horse when there is adequate snow. But this year Nick and kids were excited to use an old John Deere tractor and wagon they had resurrected out of the fence row from previous owners.

After changing out a spark plug and airing up a leaky tire, they were on their way with bow saw in hot pursuit of our tree.

After a successful retrieval and some engineering to get it to stand upright in our tree stand, our tree became the center piece of our living space, filled with cherished decorations of memories past.

Though certainly not a show piece, this tree has helped us to create memories and bonds within our family that will surely outlast it. As we and you continue upon the celebration of the greatest gift, Jesus‘s birth, we hope that the time is filled with joy, peace and hope.

We have been humbled by the amount of meat from our farm that we have sent out for Christmas celebrations. Enjoy it with your loved ones as you find safe. Thank you for your trust in our farm raised products and Merry Christmas 🎄

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