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  • Beth Tharp

Indoor Housing

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

We have a moral obligation to provide our pigs with the best care possible. When we began farming, many of our sows were outdoors in mud gestation lots. As we had the opportunity and capital to invest in facilities to bring the sows indoors, we jumped at the opportunity for several reasons.

First, the barns provide a controlled environment for the sows and baby pigs. During the winter we are able to keep the sows in 65 degree environments, and provide 90+ degree micro environments for the piglets. During the summer, we utilize fans, misters, and cool cells to maintain a cooler environment for the animals.

Second, we are able to maintain a higher level of individual pig care and biosecurity. The pigs can be better accessed and treated if issues arise in a controlled environment. They are also at a reduced risk of being pressured by diseases through reduction of possible transmission routes.

Third, it has been better for the land. By bringing sows in off the lots soil erosion has been greatly reduced. We are also able to capture the nutrients from the manure in pits below the barns, and inject it into the soils that can best utilize them.

We realize there many ways to care for animals inside and out, but bringing the pigs indoors has worked the best for us. Ultimately we believe the welfare of the animal depends upon the people caring for them.-

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