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Growing Food [virtual planter video]

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

At the end of the day we are in the business of capturing the sun's energy and utilizing our God given resources to produce nutritious food products. This statement may oversimplify what we do, but in all of the complexity of our current day its good to get back to the basics. As you may or may not know, we not only raise animals, but grains and grasses as feed sources for our animals. We feel fortunate for the opportunity to grow food for many people, and are grateful for your trust in our products.

The start of this week provided us with some beautiful weather to start planting corn and soybeans. I was able to spend some time in the tractor with my husband Nick as he planted corn and capture some video feed. I hope you enjoy this short video!

You may notice that we are planting into what already appears to be a growing crop, and it is! The green you see is annual rye grass and rape seed cover crop that we planted last fall. One of our core values is stewardship, and one of the many ways we try to live this out is by caring for our land and water by use of cover crops and minimal tillage practices. These management techniques greatly reduce soil erosion and nutrient run off, improving water quality and soil structure.

Another way we steward our soils is through rotational grazing. Here is a quick video of our ewes and lambs enjoying some fresh grass after being roatated onto new pasture this week.

As these times are filled with much uncertainty we strive to do our best with what we can control and lean hard on our faith. We hope for health and peace for you and your family.

My best,

Beth Tharp

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