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  • Beth Tharp

Calving Time @ Brock Farms

Spring is a time for new life, and an exciting time on farms as new babies are born after a long winter. Our beef partners at Brock Farms have been working hard to provide optimal care for their Angus cattle during their calving season the past few weeks. Enjoy this guest post and farm pictures by Katie Brock.


Here at Brock Farms it’s calving season! We love the babies, but making sure they are warm and their moms are well fed is a full time job. We feed the moms a mixture of hay and silage that we make to ensure their dietary needs are met. These are combined in a big orange mixer wagon. The cows watch for it and are eager to meet us at the feeders. We hope this sun and warmer temperatures hang around for awhile. The baby calves love to run and play in the sun!

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