• Beth Tharp

From the Fields

Greetings from the farm!

The last few weeks have been go time on the farm. Thanks to the cooperative weather, several long days, and teamwork we have been able to get our corn and soybeans planted and put up several tons of hay for our livestock this winter. This is all in addition to the daily care we and our team provide year round for our livestock. We very much appreciate our team's help and persistence during these long days.

It is during these long hours that I am reminded of the unity of a family farming operation. On a personal note, Nick and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary working side by side in the hay field til near dark. Perhaps not an idyllic setting for most, but satisfying to us as we continue to be thankful for the opportunity to live our our dream of working together to care for our animals and land while producing food for others.

We hope that you have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! Just a quick reminder that most of our pork and lamb products are now BUY 4 GET 1 FREE through Memorial Day. Please take this opportunity to stock up on our farm's products!

My Best,


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