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Lessons by the Dozen [Video-my favorite]

Greetings from the farm!

My husband Nick and I realize how fortunate we are to raise our kids on our family farm. As a former farm kid myself, I know the experiences and life lessons our children obtain through this environment are highly valuable.

I wanted to take a quick minute to share with you a fun opportunity that has evolved for our children over the last year. About a year ago, we purchased our first set of laying hen chicks. Be sure to check out this video (one of my all time favorites!) with our girls giving a tutorial on how they care for their chicks.

In the last year, our kids have taken over the responsibility of our egg production, and under our guidance and influence, a couple of budding entrepreneurs have evolved. Our girls daily feed hens, collect eggs, wash eggs, package eggs, and love on their hens Rainbow, Hilda, Hetta, Henrietta, Big Red, Texas Red, Elsa, Anna, Ariel,... and the list goes on! They are learning the value of a dropped egg, the importance of warding off predators (aka Hawks), and what it is to work and care for dependents even when we don't feel like it.

Not only do they sell their eggs through our on farm pickup, but also supply eggs to Myers' Market in Greencastle. Through this business relationship, almost weekly they take responsibility in delivering, stocking and invoicing 'Mr. Mitch' for their brown eggs.

Through this opportunity, we are able to teach them about the realities of money management; managing a savings account, deposits and withdrawals, planning for the future, and investments. Most recently, they withdrew $80 each for their next investment; another set of laying hen chicks to arrive this Monday!

My best,

Beth Tharp

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