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  • Beth Tharp

Lessons from the Hen

Updated: Mar 26

Greetings from the farm!

As the cooler temperatures persist, we continue with our daily routines of animal care. I wanted to take a moment to share with you about our laying hens, egg production and life lessons.

For better than the last month our laying hens have been moved off of their pasture, and into their winter quarters. Here they have a sheltered house with added light and warmth, nesting boxes filled with straw to bed into, and an outdoor access area deep bedded with sawdust and straw that will serve as rich compost for our gardens this spring.

It has been a journey over the last couple of years as our daughters have been empowered with daily laying hen care, egg collection and packaging. It has been enlightening to watch them become more independent with their daily chores and to work alongside them as they care for their hens and see the fruits of their labor.

As we raise our children on this farm, we value shared experiences and teaching moments with them. Sharing with them the skills involved in animal care is important to us, primarily because life can be learned here. While the day in, day out routine of bundling up and heading out to care for the animals can seem mundane during these winter months, it is a process and the life lessons are priceless.

The revenues from all of our fresh egg sales are passed on directly to our kid's savings accounts that they can access for important personal purchases. It is our hope that this early saving will give them a jump start as they grow and look for opportunities to wisely invest it, whether this be a college education, business investment or needed necessities.

We appreciate your continued purchase of these farm fresh eggs.

My best,


*Note: Forget to add eggs to your order? Grab some from our self-serve refrigerator beside our porch pickup freezer at your next order.

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