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  • Beth Tharp

Throwing in the Towels

Shopping trips are not my favorite, Walmart trips are definitely not my favorite. Yesterday I towed along our three girls to do a laundry list of items in town, complete with a shopping list for the farm from Walmart.


Things were brightened up a little, when on the list it read 'towels'. Our girls knew what this meant and eagerly guided the cart to the bath towel isle to make their color picks and fill the cart with a rainbow of towels.


I'm sure we received many curious looks as we paraded around the store stacking everything else on top of a cartload of towels. Little did any of these people know that these towels would soon be drying off hundreds of newborn baby pigs to give them a warm jumpstart on life.


On our farm, yards from our backdoor, we have baby pigs born everyday. We have people on our team that focus their entire days just on making sure those baby pigs and their mothers are safe and comfortable during the delivery process. Towels are staged throughout the farrowing rooms so that as the babies are born they can be dried and set under a heat lamp, helping their warm body temperatures adjust to the cooler air temperatures (even in the summertime).


It was a reminder to me as the girls enthusiastically picked out the towels and we toted them around of the unique perspective we have on the amount of care given to our animals.

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