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Snug and Warm

Greetings from the farm!

As winter continues, we continue to prioritize the comfort and well-being of our animals. I wanted to take some time to share with you what winter looks like for our pigs.

Many years ago we made the decision to bring our pigs indoors. Not only does this preserve our soils from erosion, it allows us to control the environment our pigs are in. I tell you with all honesty, our momma sows with piglets, their rooms are warmer than we keep our thermostat set at home (by at least 10 degrees)!

When our sows are farrowing (or giving birth) their rooms are 73 degrees, but our new born baby piglets need an even warmer environment. By using heat lamps and thermostat controlled heat mats, we are able to create a micro environment of 90 degrees beside the sow for these new born piglets.

In additional effort to keep our piglets warm and thriving, we work to dry them off with towels as they are born. This reduces the chilling effect of being wet (think of how much cooler you are when covered in water or sweat), and stimulates them to begin nursing and receiving their much needed colostrum from their mother.

It's always nice to work in a farrowing or birthing room during the winter, peeling off your warm outerwear and enjoying the warmth with these newborns! We hope you and your family are staying warm and cozy as well!

My Best,

Beth Tharp

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