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  • Beth Tharp

Hay Days

Greetings from the farm!

What better to do on a humid, hot summer day than put up hay! We have been working on and off this summer to cut, cure bale, and store the forages grown on our farm so that our sheep, cows and horses have high quality feed this winter. This past Friday we welcomed our farm crew of highschool boys out to the field for some high quality character and muscle development. We sure were thankful for their help and made sure to keep them full of water, Gatorade, and pizza!

Hay days are somewhat of a heritage for our little family. My husband spent his highschool summers working his tail off with a neighbor in the hay field, who turned out to be a great friend and mentor to this day. I too have many sweet memories as a kid in the hay field. It was always a time that my family would all be out working together with another helper or two in the mix. It is where I learned to drive a stick shift way before I turned 16. Our daughters are growing up with similar memories as they have spent their young lives as co-piolets in the hay truck. And our oldest was delighted Friday when she found a bale small enough that she could pick up and throw on the hay trailer all by herself. The smile that crept across her face was priceless.

It's hot, sweaty, and dirty, but on our farm it always brings a sense of community. And for us that's ideal, because this farm isn't just about the food we raise or the animals, land and water we care for, but also the people that we are able to pour into on a daily basis. We are blessed with a great opportunity and a great occupation!

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